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We help the banking sector with compliance such as due diligence, search reports, audits, registration of title deeds, providing legal opinions, taking ECs etc.  Meet with us now!  

We have long-standing clients in the Banking world. We specialize and are well versed in the services required by Banks.





















Our services include:​

Due Diligence: We carry out due diligence audit with respect to consortium lending, etc.  as per RBI Guidelines.


Search Reports: We take up search report assignments with respect to the charges created, securities provided, encumbrances, etc. with regard to the customers of our Bank clients. 


Secretarial Audit: We carry out the secretarial audit for Banking clients on a need basis.


Registration of Mortgage Deeds/Deposit of Title Deeds: We are specialized in registering mortgage deeds, etc. with the concerned authorities.


Taking  Encumbrance Certificates: Checking discrepancies, if any, in ownership, entitlements, taking encumbrance certificates from concerned authorities, etc. 


Giving Legal Opinions: We do the vetting of documents, title clearance with respect to mortgages, etc. 


Registration of charges: We do MCA filings with respect to creation, modification, and satisfaction of charges.

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