Other Serivces

Services that will make your business/brand secure 

Intellectual Property Rights Services

Protect your ideas or business

Services relating to registration of  Trade Marks, Patents, Copyrights, etc. We have a separate team that will help our clients secure their brand, ideas, trade secrets, concept etc. 

Rendering LLP Related Services 

Open your LLP in 7 days

  1. Drafting LLP agreements

  2. Filings, closures etc.

  3. Partnership formation, conversions, etc.

Registration & Appearance 

Professionals to appear for you

  • Registration of NBFC with Reserve Bank of India.

  • Registering Partnership with Registrar of Firm.​

  • Appearance before various Statutory Bodies.

Legal advice & opnioins 

Affordable legal solutions

Rendering Legal Advice - We render generic legal advice on various issues involving different enactments and statutes. 


Interpreting various statutes and giving legal opinions - This is one of the ways we assist our clients to make well-informed decisions within the legal framework.

Legal Back up and Litigation services - It is a regular practice for us to appear before Company Law Board, RBI and such other various judicial and quasi-judicial authorities.

Agreement Preparations

Draft ironclad agreements 

  1. Joint Ventures: We provide extensive support right from drafting a shareholders’ agreement to advising on capital structure to provide optimum benefit

  2. Drafting various Agreements and Deeds - We provide personalized services to our clients with respect to preparing different need-based tailor-made agreements.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy  

Experienced professionals

  • Insolvency Resolution : The Code outlines separate insolvency resolution processes for individuals, companies and partnership firms. Resolution process would be completed within 90 days of initiation of request which may be extended by 45 days.

  • Insolvency professionals: The insolvency process will be managed by licensed professionals. These professionals will also control the assets of the debtor during the insolvency process.

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