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ACT insisting on Internal Committee in respect of Sexual Harassment

Ministry of Corporate Affairs have mandated a disclosure in the Report of the Board of Directors of Companies with respect to compliance to the provisions of  Prevention Of Sexual Harassment In Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act 2013. It has also mandated reporting specific compliance to the provisions of constitution of Internal  Complaints Committee under the said Act.

The said act applies to all organisations in India irrespective of whether there is any woman employee or not. The protection sought by the Act is in respect of all women who may enter the premises of the organisation.

The gist of the provisions on constitution of the internal complaints committee is given below:

Section 4 of the said Act.

1. The committee shall have a presiding officer who is employed at a senior level among the employees.

2.  Not less than two other members amongst the employees committed to the cause of women or having experience in social work or having legal knowledge.

3. one member from non governmental organisations or associations committed to the cause of women or familiar with issues related to sexual harassment.

4. Atleast one half of the total members of the committee shall be women.

5. the members shall hold office not more tham three years.

6.  each branch / office of the organisation shall have such a committee.

As we have to give the aforesaid compliance in the Boards Report of the Company as well as to give the details of the appointment of the committee in the minutes we would request you to send the details of the committee members, profile of the member, date of appointment to us.


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